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Lambda Negotiations: Shaping Negotiation Leaders

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With a roster of professionals celebrated for their prowess in specific fields, our team truly exemplifies excellence.

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Dr. Lemonia Papadopoulou-Kelidou is a renowned Negotiation expert with deep expertise in the tourism and hospitality sectors. She serves as an instructor at the UN Tourism Academy, teaching the online course "Negotiations in Tourism". Her extensive experience includes conflict management and negotiation strategies, making her a key player in competitive markets. Additionally, she is an Adjunct Professor at Webster Vienna Private University, a Lecturer at CITY College University of York Europe Campus and leads Lambda Negotiations as its Founder and General Manager. In her role in International Relations for the City of Thessaloniki, she made significant diplomatic contributions. Holding a PhD in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Strategies, an MSc in Economics & Finance, and being multilingual, she is highly skilled in communication. Dr. Papadopoulou-Kelidou has a strong publication record and is a sought-after speaker at international conferences, demonstrating her negotiation prowess across industries. Her participation in events like the Annual Panhellenic Yachting Conference showcases her broad industry application of negotiation skills. Her global teaching and speaking engagements further underline her recognition and expertise in the field.

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Dr. Nikolaos Antonakakis serves as a Professor of Economics at Webster University in Vienna. Specializing in Applied Econometrics, Data Analysis, AI, International Εconomics and Finance, and in areas such as Tourism, Energy, and Health Economics, he has earned significant recognition. In 2023, Stanford University ranked him among the World's Top 2% of Scientists, and earlier in 2016, Thomson Reuters placed him in the global Top 1% of Economists. Furthermore, Ideas/Repec identifies him as one of Austria's Top 5 economists. Dr. Antonakakis's accolades include the Tom Fetherstone Award, Neil Rackham Best Research Dissemination Award, and more. His extensive portfolio comprises over 60 publications in renowned international journals and featured in media outlets like Forbes and The Guardian. Anchoring his work is a mantra from N. Kazantzakis: "Reach where you cannot!"

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Showcasing Specialized Excellence: Our Distinguished Team of Experts

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Christina Glykou serves as a Lawyer at the Areopagus (Supreme Court of Greece) and is a key member of the Vasilios Glykos – Christina Glykou and Associates Law Firm. She earned her Law degree and a Master's in Civil Procedure and Law, both from the Democritus University of Thrace, achieving "Very Good" grades. Additionally, she acquired a Diploma in Negotiations with a "Very Good" grade from the Athens University of Economics and Business. Glykou is a recognized mediator by the Hellenic Ministry of Justice and a certified Mediator Trainer at the ADR Hellenic Center, holding the position of General Secretary at the Greek Negotiators Association (EN.DI.E).

Since 2012, Christina Glykou has actively engaged in litigation, making daily court appearances in Athens and other regions, representing numerous companies and individuals with a remarkable record of securing significant judicial rulings across Greece. Her expertise in negotiation has led to the successful extrajudicial resolution of many legal matters. As a member of the Ministry of Justice's Legislative Drafting Committees, she regularly contributes articles to national publications and frequently discusses legal topics on major TV and radio platforms. Specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Corporate Law, and Civil Insolvency Law, she is renowned for her outstanding communication and negotiation abilities.

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Master the Game of Negotiation

Harness the power of cutting-edge negotiation strategies tailored to your unique business needs. With our expertise, turn every negotiation into an opportunity for growth and mutual benefit.

Training & Workshops

Our hands-on workshops equip your team with practical skills to tackle negotiations confidently. Interactive sessions and real-world scenarios ensure knowledge retention and application.

Turning Disputes into Agreements

Conflicts are inevitable, but with our conflict resolution techniques, find common ground and create win-win outcomes. We transform adversarial situations into collaborative ventures.

Digital Negotiation

The digital era brings new negotiation platforms. Equip yourself with techniques and etiquette to effectively negotiate in online spaces, ensuring clarity and optimal outcomes.

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Navigating Negotiations Together: A Partnership Rooted in Trust and Knowledge.

Committed to excellence, we journey alongside our clients, offering unparalleled services that empower them to attain their objectives and master the art of negotiation.

Executive Training

Committed to excellence, we journey alongside our clients, offering unparalleled services that empower them to attain their objectives and master the art of negotiation.

Consulting Services

With our blend of custom-tailored strategies and deep analytical insights, we aim to achieve outstanding negotiation results for you.


Your Business Goals Are Our Priority: Consultancy & Executive Training Solutions

Tailored strategies and training programs designed to elevate your negotiation outcomes and meet your specific requirements.

Unified Negotiation and Crisis Expertise

Merging strategic, conflict, and crisis negotiation expertise to navigate any challenge seamlessly.

Full-Spectrum Communication Expertise

Integrating verbal, nonverbal, and body language techniques to enhance effective communication in negotiations.

Contract Negotiation

Guiding clients through the intricacies of contractual agreements to secure optimal terms and conditions.

Human Resources Negotiation

Expert guidance in navigating discussions and agreements between employers and employees.

Sales Negotiation

Empowering sales teams with tailored strategies to close deals effectively and maximize value.

Procurement & Supply Chain Negotiation

Optimizing your procurement and distribution processes through strategic negotiation techniques.

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Innovate Collaborate Share Navigate Manoeuvre Differentiate Negotiate Empower Lead Grow Thrive Elevate Triumph
Innovate Collaborate Share Navigate Manoeuvre Differentiate Negotiate Empower Lead Grow Thrive Elevate Triumph


5Λ (Lambda) Negotiations Model

The 5Λ Negotiations Model represents a comprehensive training regimen tailored for professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, scholars, and all those ardently dedicated to the art of Negotiation. Participants are not mandated to possess prior specialized knowledge in the subject. The sole prerequisites are a genuine passion for negotiations and a readiness to cultivate a strategic mindset and demeanor. Should negotiations be your fervor, you have found your ideal destination. Entrust your learning journey to the certified proficiency of Lambda Negotiations, and prepare for an enlightening voyage into the realm of Negotiation with our esteemed guidance.




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Frequently asked questions.

Essential Answers for Every Negotiator

What is business negotiation?

Business negotiation is a process between two or more parties, aiming to reach an agreement that resolves differences, maximizes benefits, or minimizes loss. This can involve matters like prices, terms, services, partnerships, and more.

Why is preparation important for a negotiation?

Preparation ensures that you understand your needs, the needs of the other party, and potential areas of compromise. It allows you to set clear objectives, anticipate challenges, and formulate responses, ensuring a more confident and effective negotiation process.

How can I ensure a win-win outcome in negotiations?

Aim for a collaborative approach. Understand the needs and interests of both parties and seek solutions that satisfy both sides. Building trust, active listening, and open communication are key to achieving a mutually beneficial outcome.

How do you handle an impasse or deadlock in negotiations?

When faced with an impasse, it's helpful to take a break and revisit the main issues later. Seeking a third-party mediator, introducing new information, or finding alternative solutions can also break deadlocks. It's essential to remain patient and open-minded.

What role does cultural awareness play in business negotiations?

Cultural awareness is crucial as different cultures have varying negotiation styles, etiquette, and values. Being aware and respectful of these differences can prevent misunderstandings, build trust, and foster a more harmonious negotiation environment.

How important is body language in negotiations?

Body language plays a significant role in communication. Positive body language can convey confidence, openness, and honesty, while negative body language might be perceived as disinterest or hostility. Being aware of your own and interpreting others' body language can enhance the negotiation process.

Should I always start with my best offer?

Not necessarily. Starting with your best offer can sometimes leave little room for negotiation. It's often beneficial to provide an offer that allows for some concessions, showing flexibility and encouraging a collaborative negotiation environment.

How do I manage emotions during a negotiation?

It's essential to remain calm and composed, even when discussions become intense. Taking deep breaths, pausing before responding, and focusing on the issue at hand (rather than taking things personally) can help manage emotions. Remember, the goal is a beneficial agreement, not winning an argument.


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